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Luca AI Engine

We’ve built an artificial intelligence that reads and understands your accounting documents.


  • Travel expense reporting
  • Invoice vouching
  • More to come
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Luca Expenses

Let our Artificial Intelligence do your expenses.

Key features

  • No more crumpled paper – take a photo of your receipt and throw it away.
  • No data entry needed – our AI fills in sum, cost category, VAT, etc.
  • Receive your expense report as a PDF or export it to your accounting software.
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Luca Scan

Our AI interprets your invoices and exports them directly to your accounting software.

Key features

  • No data entry needed – our AI fills in all the information and line items
  • Your invoices are sent directly to your accounting software
  • That’s it! You’ve earned a cup of coffee
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Luca API

Bring AI to your customers

Key features

  • Automatic parsing of accounting documents.
  • Easy to implement. Can give great value for your users
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